Health and Safety Guidelines for Gatherings at FBC

New York State has issued requirements and guidelines during the COVID-19 outbreak for Houses of Worship in Phase 2. We at FBC shall do our best to keep one another safe and healthy by following the items listed below. Please read them carefully and follow them closely as we gather together for services.

1.   Please do not plan to attend services if you are ill, have a fever, or a cough/cold. If you are in a high risk category for COVID, we understand if you choose to stay home.

2.   Wash your hands thoroughly as you prepare for church, and use hand sanitizer at the church as needed.

3.   Please wear a face mask as you are arriving & leaving the church, and keep it on as you move about, until you (and others) are safely seated in the sanctuary.

4.   Please refrain from physical contact— smile and greet one another without touching.

5,   Please observe physical spacing of 6 feet while at services.

6.   During the service we will NOT be passing the offering plates from person to
      person; they will be set out at the rear of the sanctuary to receive your offerings.

7.   No nursery care will be provided. If needed in emergency, mothers may use the nursery.
      Likewise, bathrooms will be closed except in an emergency.

8.   Upon arrival, please use only the front door and wait to be seated by an attendant.

9.   As you leave, we ask that you wait to be dismissed, replace your face mask, then follow the         
      attendants instructions.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and patience. We realize things are not ideal as yet, but God has graciously moved events to the point where we can now worship together.


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