A Brief Outline of Paul’s Letter to Titus

Some explanations have been added. I. Greeting and Purpose Statement (1:1-4) Purpose Statement: “…for the sake of the faith of God’s elect and their knowledge of the truth, which accords with godliness, in hope of eternal life…” Titus 1:1b-2a Definitions Godliness – devotion to God. The fruit of godliness is right living, or godly living. However, the root of godliness is a heart directed toward God in devotion to him.Hope – This is not like our statement, “I hope so…” It is

Marriage Is A Picture of Gospel Submission

So far we have discussed that God’s original and ongoing purpose for marriage is to picture Christ and His Church. In the last post it was pointed out that marriage is a picture of Jesus’ union to the Church. In this post we will discuss one of the more difficult subjects in marriage. The topic of submission creates a wide range of emotional responses. This is due to a misunderstanding of submission propagated by the culture. Unfortunately, submission is seen as a bad thing,

Marriage Is a Picture of Jesus’ Union to the Church

So far in this series of posts we have discussed the original and ongoing purpose of marriage. Marriage is a picture of Jesus and His Church. Although it is a mystery that was not known until the New Testament, marriage’s purpose has always been to picture Jesus’ relationship to the church and the church’s relationship to Jesus. This post will concentrate on Jesus’ union to the church, which is shown in marriage. Ephesians 5:30 tells us that we are members of Jesus’ body. We

Marriage — A Picture of Jesus and His Church PT 3 — The Current Purpose for Marriage

In the last post, we discussed God’s original purpose for marriage. In this post, we will look at God’s current purpose for marriage. God has an original purpose for marriage, which is to picture Jesus and the Church. What about for here and now? How can we get to here and today? God’s current purpose for marriage is… (Are you ready for this?)… The same as His original purpose! God’s current purpose for marriage is to picture Jesus and His Church. That may seem like the most

Marriage – A Picture of Jesus and His Church PT 2 – God’s Original Purpose for Marriage

In this post we will discuss God’s original purpose for marriage. God’s original purpose for marriage is to picture Christ and His Church As one reads Ephesians 5:22-33, he realizes that Paul quotes Genesis 2:24 in Ephesians 5:31. Ephesians 5:32 tells us that the words of Ephesians 5:31 are a mystery referring to Jesus and His Church. Therefore, Genesis 2:24 is a mystery referring to Christ and the Church. In order to understand this, we must understand what a mystery is. Eph

There is One Hope (Ephesians 4:4)

So far in this series of posts from Ephesians 4:4-6 we have seen there is one body and one Spirit. The one body is the body of Christ, the church. The One Spirit is the One who has united the church, the Holy Spirit. He is God, the third Person of the Trinity. He baptizes believers into the one body (1 Corinthians 12:13), gives us new birth (John 3:3-8), and dwells in us (John 14:16-17). The next awesome truth that unites the church is our one hope. The word “hope” is a bit a

There Is One Body (Ephesians 4:4)

In a previous post we looked at the basis of our unity as a church body. Ephesians 4:1-3 tells us that the Holy Spirit has produced unity in the body of Christ. This unity has been purchased through the death of Jesus Christ in the place of His saints. Ephesians 4:4-6 tells us the nature and basis of this unity. Our unity is based in seven glorious doctrines! The post titled “The Basis of Our Unity” presented a summary explanation of these seven doctrines (see here: https://b