Prayer Group


Sundays Starting at 9:30 am

We meet in our Sunday School rooms, which may be accessed at the lower entrance and parking area. We meet in different groups for Bible Study. We have a Sunday School opening and class for children 2-8 years of age. There are currently two Sunday School classes for adults. There is a general adult Sunday school class for men and ladies. Ladies also have the option of attending a Bible study just for them. 


Sundays Starting at 10:45 am

We meet together in the auditorium of our main brick building for morning worship. Worship is all about God, recognizing and responding to His worth as the One and Only True God (Psalm 100, Psalm 117, Psalm 145) . We gather for time of prayer, Scripture reading, Scripture memory, singing, giving, and a sermon from the Bible (Acts 2:42; Colossians 3:16-17; 1 Timothy 4:10; 2 Timothy 3:14-4:2). Our typical practice is to preach through one book of the Bible in a verse-by-verse fashion. Our worship service is centered around the Bible, which is God’s Word and the source of truth (Psalm 19:7-11; John 17:17; 2 Timothy 3:16-17). The service is also centered around the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. See the “Good News” page for more information.

Children Praying
church service


Sundays Starting at 3PM

We meet in the evenings for the same purpose as the mornings. We meet to worship God. We have time of Scripture reading, singing, and a sermon from the Bible. This is a more informal service, but the point is the same: lift up the name of the God of the Bible in worship.


Wednesdays Starting at 7 pm

We meet together for prayer at these meetings. We have time for Scripture reading to direct our prayer time. We read letters from then pray for missionaries that our church supports. We also take prayer requests from those in attendance. We meet in the fellowship hall using the lower entrance and parking area. In the colder months we will sometimes meet in homes. Please contact the church for more information.


(518) 585-7107

210 The Portage, Ticonderoga, NY 12883, USA

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