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Praying Psalm 42

Prayer is a sincere cry of dependence upon and worship of God. How can I pray through Psalm 42? 1. Keep the context in mind. 2. Pray the words verbatim – If prayed sincerely this is not vain repetition. Be careful not to pray this or any prayer as a “magic spell.” Psalm 42 is a God-inspired prayer. 3. Pray the themes of the Psalm as an outline to guide your prayer. A Prayer Guide from Psalm 42: - Admit emotions and struggles to God. Be transparent with Him, yourself, and others. - Express your longing for God or pray that God produce longing for Him in you. - Express your desire to be with God’s people in corporate worship, and pray that God would make that possible. If you lack that desire, pray God would produce that longing in you and other believers. - Praise God for His sovereignty (cf. Psalm 115:3; Matthew 6:9; Ephesians 1:11). If you struggle with the fact that God is in control, confess this to the Lord, and pray that He would enable you to conform to His Word. - Praise God for His providence – The sovereign Lord cares for His people (Romans 8:28-30). If you doubt God’s care as a believer, admit this doubt, ask for forgiveness, and a changed heart. - Praise God for His grace (steadfast love/covenant love) in Jesus Christ. - Pray that our hope would be in God alone. Other things to do: - Take time to sing to God as a means of prayer. - Hope in God. He is our salvation through the person and work of Jesus Christ. - Preach truth to your soul. Preach the Good News of Jesus to yourself. - Reach out to other believers for help and encouragement if you are depressed or in despair. - If you don’t know Jesus, visit the Good News tab and/or contact us!

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